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Q. What time is check in?

A. Check-in is at 3 pm. Early check-in can be purchased based on availability. Please contact us directly if interested in early check-in.

Q. The property I am renting has a pool/ spa. Can the pool/ spa be heated? 

A. Yes, the pool can be heated. We charge you for the propane used to heat the pool and spa. We request a deposit before we start heating the pool (or pre-heating it for your arrival). We meter your propane use during your stay, and we show you how to keep track of your usage. Upon checkout, we reconcile the deposit with your actual use and charge you our cost of $3/gallon. Example: If you used 10% of a 500-gallon propane tank, you’ve used 10% x 500 gal = 50 gallons. At $3/gallon, your propane cost is $150. Upon checkout, we refund the difference between what you used and the deposit, or charge you the difference if your propane cost exceeded the deposit.

Q. Can I schedule a tour of the property?

A. We’re happy to provide a tour of the home and property. Please look at our online calendar to find dates when it’s not booked and we can schedule a tour.

Q. Are family gatherings or events allowed on the property?

A. We do allow gatherings at the home (weddings and/or receptions are strictly prohibited). We charge $10/person not staying at the home for the event fee. We provide all of the following to help make your event easier to coordinate: 6-foot folding tables, folding padded chairs, white tablecloths. Extra trash bins and bags for recycling and trash, Large clean ice chest, Weber BBQ Grill with extra propane tank, serving platters and utensils. All events must be completed at or before 9:45PM due to strict Riverside County Noise Ordinances.

Q. How much is the Extra Person Fee?

A. All of our rates are based on the standard double occupancy for King and Queen-sized beds. When the occupancy exceeds the standard, we provide additional beds to accommodate more people. We provide all the linens, blankets and additional towels for the additional guests at a cost of $30/person.

Q. Do you allow pets?

A. We allow well trained, housebroken pets to stay at the home. We charge an additional $50/pet fee for the entire stay.

Q. What is the quality of the accommodations?

A. We offer a luxurious 5-Star bedding experience with deluxe sheets and pillows, high-quality mattresses, soft absorbent towels, and immaculately clean surroundings. Even our folding twin beds and pull-out sofas are very comfortable.